Incomplete Game

A project is incomplete when it’s not closed with a Market card. Until you place a Market card in your project you can add more Project cards or Bonus cards to your project. Remember! When te game is over you will only score points from your complete projects, from idea to market.

Partial game

From idea to market without filling all positions. You can close a project with the Market card from the third position to the sixth, so you could close it just with an Idea, R&D and some bonus. It’s not required to complete the six positions to close a projects, you can score points just with three cards.

Pirate game

If your project is not protected other players can kill it with the Pirate card. If other player place this card on your unprotected project, the whole project will go to the discard pile. How can I avoid the pirate? Protecting your project with utility patents, trademarks…

Collaborative game

Start a project with another player and share the points by halves. When you have a Joint Venture card you can negotiate with another player to start a project in which both players can provide cards and then divide the total points equally when the project is closed.