2 to 4 players


6 cards for each player

Take 1 more before your turn

You may only start with an idea card


Remember to follow the cards’s order!

Your project ends with the market card!

Learn to play!

Start your project putting an Idea card face up on the table. But be careful! If your idea is not protected, someone could kill it!



Each turn, place a card on your project line if its position number allows you to do it. The more cards in your project line, the more points to your score.

Maximize your project, adding Financing, Training, Eco-friendly Manufacture… If a card already placed in your project has a connector, you can add cards of the same color.

Maximize your entire project with the Marketing card doubling your total project score.


Before their turn, each player pick a card from the pile until it ends. Then, keep playing until no one has cards.

Put a Market card in your project line to close it.. Now neither you or another player can place more cards on this project anymore. Count your score and note it.

Be the best partner…


Start a project with another player and share points half and half


Negotiates with another player the exchange of a card. Maybe someone has that card you need!

…or become their nightmare!

Finish your project with a Market card

Avoid your opponents to join points with Attacking Cards

Keep playing until run out of cards

The winner is who gets the highest score!