The cards

There are 9 types of cards. You don’t have to use them all to complete a project if you don’t want you but the more cards you use the more points you get!

We’re still working on them.

Project Cards


You need an idea to start a project. Ideas develop the knowledge and origin everything we create…but you’re going to need to work with it! Planning, creativity, strategy… There are different kind of ideas in the game with different values.


Protect the ideas and creations are key for the inventors, creators or artists. There are different types of protections; trademarks, patents, copyright…and the could protect your idea nation wide or international.


You need to work on your idea before selling your product or service, so let’s innovate! Research & development is very important to improve existent products or to create amazing and new ones.


Manufacturing become an idea to product. Factories must be respectful with the environment, so you should try to produce in an eco-friendly factory. If you use a regular one…you could receive unpleasant surprises from other players!


How are you going to sell your product? Price, distribution, advertising…the marketing plan takes care of all of this key concepts. It’s the only card that multiplies the entire project for 2! You will need if you want to win!


The game objective is to bring ideas to the market, so you’ll need this card to score points. There are 2 different markets; national and international, and obviously bigger the market higher the score!

Bonus Cards


Make it hard for your opponents! You can add Attack cards to their projects to subtract. There are different types inspired in problems that may occur in the process of entrepreneurship.


Complement your idea with funding, training of your workers, new equipment…The bonus cards will help you score big points!


Cooperation may be necessary to undertake a project. You can negotiate an exchange of cards with another player or share with him a project by halves.